Who is Lee Vayle?

The prophet told me, "See, Lee, they're not getting it. It's over their heads, Maybe you can break it down and teach them." -Lee Vayle

"I am doing what Bro. Branham actually always wanted done with his tapes. Which was to take them down verbatim, and then what he´d call grammarize them." -Lee Vayle

"He said, "See Lee, they're not getting it. It's over their heads. Maybe you can break it down and teach them." -Lee Vayle

"I have the authority, by his request and by the Word of God, to take this same Word and break it down and show you what he is saying, to a degree that you of yourself could not capture it, because you absolutely were not the one predestinated to it." -Lee Vayle

This was achieved by breaking down Brother Branham's sermons word by word, by putting his language into the proper context by removing areas wherein his language was obscuring the meaning, to remove those areas by leaving the same thought by breaking it down and saying the same things in many different ways. This is what we refer to as the "Message Teaching."

Bro. Vayle's ministry was to delineate the doctrinal teachings of William Branham and writing them into book form. This is referred to many times by the prophet what he called re-grammarizing his language for the purpose to bring out his sermons in a clearer way to go out to the ministering laity and public.


"And if there’s anything you lack of understanding, something that you do not understand, my associate Brother Vayle here, is available at all times to explain anything that seems mysterious to you ministering brethren...” -William Branham


"Brother Lee Vayle, he's a writer for the Tabernacle here, of the literature and books, and so forth. Very precious brother, he's been with me in many campaigns. Wished I had a chance to let every minister, to get him up here and talk to him." -William Branham

"And Brother Vayle here is no stranger to us. He's a very precious brother, been with me in many meetings, him and his wife. And he's also now the writer of these sermons and things that goes into book form. -William Branham


I want you to check my revelation on Serpent's Seed, to be injected into the first, Ephesian Church Age that he's writing, re-grammarizing it for me. Beautifully done! And I want you to check that and let somebody say something against the Serpent's Seed now, whether it was right, or not." -William Branham

William Branham placed Lee Vayle's word under the sign of vindication the same as his own. Those familiar with Branham's ministry understand this to be the last sign of vindication - the sign of the Messiah.

“Now, I want you to be real reverent, just for a few moments. The hour is now at hand, to what all that I've have said, and all that Dr. Vayle's has said, and all the Scriptures has promised, it's got to be found truth or false. It's got to be right or wrong.” -William Branham